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Many mum business owners go through unnecessary bouts of stress and guilt when they set up in business.  

This is completely unnecessary however it doesn’t stop mum business owners  playing this game on themselves.


Just knowing that is not enough.

You need to help to develop an ongoing working strategy so that you can learn how to get rid those blocks for good.

Not just somebody who comes in, has a look over, makes a few suggestions and leaves you to it.

Somebody committed to be there for you for the next 6 months while you put those changes in place

So that the time and effort you’ve already put into growing your business works and works well for you, your family and your business growth.


Clionadh Twomey Testimonial

Let’s face it, you need help, but not just help from anybody.  You need help from someone who

* Has been where you are and come out the other side

* Has helped hundreds of mums to set up and grow successful businesses

* Will help you devise a workable strategy so that your business grows

* Realises that your children come first 

* Kicks your ass when you need it without making you feel 2 inches small

* Is there so that you can implement changes necessary with support

* Motivates you to make those scary decisions that need to be made

* Can help you increase your revenue from 10%-40% over the next 6 months

* Will be your biggest cheerleader when the going gets tough

Hannah Nolan Testimonial


>You would like to grow your business by at least 10% or more in the next 6 months

>You are committed to doing what it takes to get there

>Your business has hit a rut or has stopped growing

>You are able to make decisions and take action quickly on those decisions

>You have goals and a vision for your business but can’t quite picture how that’s supposed to happen

> You believe that you and your business are worth investing in

> You have the finances and the commitment to invest in yourself and your business growth

>You want to be able to switch off from work when with family and tune out your family when working

Ciara Dowling Testimonial


* You are not prepared to step outside your comfort zone and try new things 

* You too scared to make tough decisions to bring you to where you want to be in 6 months time 

* You constantly need someone else’s approval to do what you know you need to do 

* You bicker, whinge, whine and generally complain about how hard it all is 

* The investment will leave you in serious financial hardship i.e. no money for essentials; food, utilities

* You dismiss and completely discount the small achievements as not big enough 

* You want a magic wand waved and everything to fall into place easily 

* You already think you know how it’s done 

Tara Gilleece Testimonial


I don’t work with just anybody.  When you work with me you will need to be committed to getting your result.

If this is you fill in the form here

Once I get it, review and approve it, I’ll be in touch with you to organise getting started on building your business and getting you your way.

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